Our vision

We make your world a better place by improving the efficiency of your business through data management.

Our mission

AS Scope develops and delivers specialized technology solutions for utilising and facilitating data and business intelligence to help data depending businesses to be more efficient and productive.

Our philosophy

It is important to us not only to gain your trust, but also to do justice to it through transparency, reliability and consistency.

We are authentic. We recommend what we ourselves live as entrepreneurs.
We assure you that our recommendations and methods are tried-and-tested.
In order to explore the fit between customer, consultant and project, we hold the first consultation free of charge.

In our consulting process, you, the entrepreneur as a person with his personality, is in focus.

In our young company AS Scope GmbH, we have combined the data management know-how of several decades in the financial industry. We know the problems especially in the areas of Financing, Risk Management and Compliance. The expertise of data management can be easily transferred to small, medium and large companies as well as family businesses.

We understand you and we put ourselves well in your situation for better comprehension. We guarantee highest confidentiality and loyalty.

We consider it our task to our customers:

  • Strategic, holistic and neutral advice according to your needs
  • To provide concrete assistance in the changing processes                                                       
  • A tailor-made implementation with existing software to develop the best possible with you
  • To be actively involved in future corporate development
  • To use our bundled energy and our know-how for your interests with the goal of securing your long-term entrepreneurial success.
  •  We are looking forward to a personal conversation. Feel free to contact us.


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