Our experienced team assists you by conceptualising, developing and implementing end-to-end solutions to connect new applications with your business needs.

Our specialists have an excellent rapport, deep knowledge and various experience in data and project management to solve current or new issues and challenges. 

Through the understanding of business, data, and IT, we view the holistic picture to support you in implementing improvements to your business. We listen to you, consider the facts and engage closely with you. 



Back Office

Our branding team plans, develops and operates marketing strategy to increase our business insights and strengthen our unique value proposition. We have excellent analytical, creative, communication and organisation skills to meet our clients expectations and build the credibility and loyalty of our brand. 

Our finance team collate, organize, manage and control cash flow, expenditure, income, budgets and accounts. We supervise staff and ensure the compliance with related laws and procedures.

Our human resource team conducts the hiring processes checking experience, education, soft and hard skills of applicants. We carry out the orientations of new employees to ensure them to integrate with our brand culture. We coordinate training or talents programs, boost the performance of employees and resolve issues between management and employees.



Our data analysts have many years of experience working with data in a Big Data environment. We have the knowledge and experience to extract full value from our clients systems and data. 

We are constantly developing and refining our test databases to mirror our clients data infrastructure. We use real world data extracted from publicly available data published by trusted authorities such as the SEC (USA), Companies House (UK) and Unternehmensregister (DE). Using real world data puts us in the best position to mirror the live data in our clients systems.

In an era where data is one of your most valuable assets, digitisation is one of the key methods to extract full value from this data. We have the experience and skills to help our clients stride forwards and exploit the benefits of the digital era.


Our development team develops and provides the best fitting technology for you to implement the data management in your IT environments. Our data engineers help you to utilise your data and business intelligence fully.

They are proficient in design, development, testing and analysis of data systems in scalable programming languages. They also monitor project updates, run necessary modifications and ensure high-quality and effectiveness in the software. 

Our professionals deliver plug and play solutions​ at your favoured place​ according to your needs and requirements​.