The AS Scope Approach

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Your projects today

Your projects today

What your projects look like today

Today, business will describe an emerging problem and hands it over to IT for development. The problem is, that business requirements may change over time or weren’t even complete in the first place.

As DM is not part of Business, it is not able to support Business with understanding IT and Models. For the same reason, DM is also not able to help with altering the problem description accordingly, although this is a key factor for the success of data management.

Ultimately this leads to a situation, where Business is not satisfied with the solution provided by IT and therefore, has to propose new requirements and the process starts over again

Your budget

The above described problems will lead to an overdraw of the budget, because more and more consulting is needed. This is often followed by a reduced project scope to minimize costs, but through a reduced project scope, new problems arise and the costs for the Daily Rate Model go up again. This can happen several times throughout the life cycle of a project.

Your budget today

Pain points

Emergence of an important problem, which is described by Business and developed by IT

Consequently the project scope is reduced, which leads to the emergence of new important problems

Overdraw of the budget through changing requirements and DM not being able to support business

Your projects in the future

with AS Scope

Your projects tomorrow

What your projects will look like tomorrow

The most important change, which needs to be done, is to setup Data Management (DM) inside the Business Department of your organisation. Having Data Management closely connected to business, leads to a high level of problem awareness and understanding of IT and Models inside of your business department.

It also enables DM to check business requirements before the development is started and adjust them accordingly in cooperation with business. DM will think ahead and identify future business requirements and through that, let IT develop solutions that can be easily adjusted whenever the requirements change.

What your projects will look like tomorrow

There will be two parts of Data Management inside your business department:

1. The maintenance part will communicate between the involved parties whenever there is a problem (e.g. certain data is not delivered as agreed) and should be placed into your business department permanently (represented by one or more of your employees)#

2. The project part is usually supported by our experienced AS Scope Data Consultants and is just there during the project phase in which our Data Management approach gets introduced. It should always be part of Data Management, whenever there is a new problem arising that requires a new project.

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AS Scope Approach Phase 1

Get in (Daily rate)

Phase 1

The first phase takes approximately 3 - 6 months (depending on the complexity of your organisation and the project). During this phase, the aim is to analyse your company and comprehend your strengths and weaknesses. Based on the outcome of that analysis, an action plan is developed with services, that suit your company.

You decide where AS Scope should start and where we should stop working on your project.

Although it is recommended, there is no need to acquire the full package.

AS Scope Approach Phase 2

Get it done (Fixed price)

Phase 2

You will be provided with tailor-made solutions, that are part of the aforementioned action plan. We will partner up with your IT and Business experts to integrate our solutions into your enterprise.

You decide where AS Scope should start and where we should stop working on your project.

Although it is recommended, there is no need to acquire the full package.

AS Scope Approach Phase 3

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Phase 3

After the integration of our solution in your organisation, we will educate your staff and provide professional training on the topic of data management in connection with our tailor-made solution. This ensures, that your staff will be a dependable partner for future enhancements.

You decide where AS Scope should start and where we should stop working on your project.

Although it is recommended, there is no need to acquire the full package.

Comparison of the approaches

Classic approach vs. AS Scope

Comparison AS Scope approach and classic approach

The most important differences

1. DM is now an integral part of Business and by that it is supporting Business in defining the requirements. DM is divided into two parts: Maintenance and Projects. Whereas the project part will dissolve after the end of the project, the maintenance part will still be an important part of business.

2. The newly built DM is also a communicator to connect the other DMs inside of IT and Models.

3. Through the new structure important problems will be solved quickly, in time and budget.

4. There is no need for hiring more consulting, since the fundamental communication problems are already eliminated and IT is now able to build software, that can easily be adjusted to future requirements of business.

It is your decision

You can either order the full package (all three phases) or just part of it. AS Scope is able to start and finish in every phase, as required. Nevertheless, it is recommended to order the full package right from the beginning of the project.

AS Scope Approach - All three Phases

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