Management and Founder

Andreas Schwan: "I am the founder and the managing director of AS Scope GmbH and I have more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry and in data management. Most recently I spent 16 years freelancing in the international banking environment specializing in risk management, accounting and compliance data management. Before that, I was co-founder of BSV Management s.a.r.l. for 5 years. During this time I gained a lot of experience in advising and management reporting processes as well as in route optimiziation at a large German logistics company. I received a diploma in mathematics in 1998 with focus on technology and statics from the Technical University of Berlin (TFH Berlin) for the investigation of the pressure hull of the Airbus A380."





Andrew Bickell: "I really enjoy problem solving and providing insight into complex areas that others have difficulty in understanding"



Rajinder Devgun: "Our job provides opportunity to meet and work with diverse business clients which allows us to improve our business knowledge including interpersonal skills."

Karol Rückschloss: "Regardless of the client and whether they are difficult or not, it is essential to understand who the client is, how they see themselves and where they are heading. It’s always the best approach to let the client figure out on their own, with our support and guidance, what the best solutions are. Only then they will do everything possible to bring those solutions to life."

Hesam Hajazi: “We continue to learn and improve our personal skills by gaining from experience with different clients and projects. We lead and support customers to achieve their business goals with our Business, IT and Data team."



Peer Rombach: "We are the Data Management Engineers of the first hour. We put our know-how into the further development of the unique data management engine."  

Philipp Ringele: "We are designing, implementing and managing complex systems based on our customers data. We bring customer processes into the digital world in order to optimize their work." 



Back Office

Eunjeong Kang: "I am enthusiastic about people in general as you can learn, analyse, share experience and improve yourself from ongoing interactions with them. It is fascinating to realise how much we can relate data management to others. In the end, we are the ones who produce data everyday."

Alejandra Gnecco: "AS Scope is the ideal place to challenge yourself and grow as a person and a professional. We see and understand the world from different perspectives thanks to our DNA: Data. Our brand is created by unique experiences and communication with the world through data."


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