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One of our Data Management offers is the successful concenpt and the technology of the Data Driven Machine


The relentless analysis at the start includes a "fresh and experienced view" from the outside, which is, in contrast to other external supporters, holistically and problem-oriented.


We respond very flexibly to the situation of our customers, also with regard to the existing technology. Sometimes we are consultants and sometimes we implement your technology.


The fixed price model enables our customers to plan with the calculated costs and prevent the very common additional costs. This is possible, because AS Scope develops an action plan based on the relentless analysis presuaed at the beginning. The action plan will then be implemented in time and budget.


An essential part of the business model is to implement Data Management in business and IT alike. Critical is, that the core task of a data manager is situated inside the business department, so that the requirements can be defined holistically.

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Certification Data Manager Banking und Finance

In cooperation with our partner Deutsche Börse Group we are offering a certification as Data Manager in Banking and Finance.

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Wer ist AS Scope

Who is AS Scope?

Learn more about AS Scope, our background and what differentiates us from other data management companies.

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Der AS Scope Ansatz

How do we approach projects?

We have a unique approach when it comes to our clients projects. Click here to find out what our approach is all about.

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Was ist Daten Management?
What is Data Management?

Probably everybody heard of the term “Data Management”. But what is actually Data Management and how can Data Management help to improve your project?

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Data Management Consulting
Data Management Consulting

AS Scope offers a wide variety of consulting services. Click here to find out, which services could help to improve your project.

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Data Management Engine
Data Management Engine

AS Scope not just offers a wide variety of services, but also a software solution with various features. Click here to find out more about the extensive possibilities of our Data Management Engine.

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Das AS Scope Team
Our Team

Our team is at the core of AS Scope and our Data Management Consultants will help you realize your project in time and budget. Click here to get to know our team!

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