What We Do

Big data is very useful for business decision-making and management processes. In order to strive for excellence, it is essential to regularly inspect, monitor and enhance your data quality.

Corrupted and/or poor data quality in the various processes can generate different reputational damages and incorrect business decisions. However, adjustment and alteration of your business processes can also cost an enormous amount of time and money.

We not only scrutinise, monitor, facilitate, and improve your data systems, but also provide you with a suitable data environment. Therefore, you can utilise and analyse your data and business intelligence better at any time in your favoured place.

AS Scope GmbH employees have approx. 30 years of professional experience in data management and consultancy. Our expertise and know-how are based on freelance activities in the field of data management and we integrate our multiple skills and profound experiences in the two following areas:

  • Data Management Consulting (DMC)
  • Data Management Engine (DME)

Various and deep experience in data management with different companies has lead us to the following two DME variants:

  • SME variant: DME software plus hardware.

For small and medium-sized businesses, we offer a complete server with our software, a database and other components. This server can be easily integrated into diverse environments.

  • Large corporate clients and banks variant: DME software for data processing.

For large corporate clients and banks, they don’t need to purchase new hardware because of their existing infrastructure. In most cases, a wide variety of high capacity/performance database servers and high-priced hardware are already available.

How We Do

Our way of doing business

Our solutions should be more than just slides. They should be the right solution for you. For us, this can only be achieved through fixed prices for fixed solutions. Since the implementation of end-to-end solutions takes time, we can also agree on the flexible contract that can change requirements to the solution, as long as the effort remains the same. Through this process, we do not seek to take longer for tasks, but rather we use it as motivation to get the job done. This mindset is aligned with our software, consulting, and other services.  

Our Motto: Get in, Get it done, Get out

Data Management Consulting (DMC)

Our consultants view issues and challenges from a holistic data management perspective. Contemporary businesses often use the IT perspective to resolve data issues as this is what has worked in the past.  However, if you approach issues in this short-sighted manner, they grow so large that IT cannot resolve them alone. Even though extra hardware can be introduced or implemented, the underlying issues will still remain. This is what we have frequently experienced.  

Our focus on data is open-ended and is handled by using IT expertise in both software and hardware. It can still be pointless and ineffective if we don't consider what the business requirements are. That is why we need a holistic data management approach. 

Our consultants offer end-to-end technology solutions with a profound understanding of Data, IT and Business. We provide different model elements to help you fuel your business engine. These model element packages are based on the experience we have and derived from different clients and challenges that we have faced. 

Our portfolio includes the following services:

  • Potential analysis of the existing data processing, identification of valuable data information and assessment of the performance requirements in accordance with the existing data infrastructure from the inherent business model and the particular Time to Market requirements relevant for the customer.
  • Process analysis to improve and accelerate the business decision-making processes with regard to the target or/and specified business process.
  • Reverse engineering of the mapping of company information in existing data storage/databases and various data acquisition processes by means of various calculation cores.
  • Mathematical / technical data modelling and mapping from existing business models.
  • Analysis of business models, transformation into data modelling and information acquisition with existing, newly planned and unknown or unfamiliar systems through integration planning.
  • Design, development and implementation of significant analyses for data-driven information acquisition to strengthen and accelerate individual business processes.

Data Management Engine (DME)

We designed and built the Data Management Engine for efficient data-driven processing, rule-based transformation and evaluation of data regarding business models. It is the result of 25 years of experience and development. We have developed, refined and tuned this model by applying various applications and different implementations with multiple customers.  

The data management engine scrutinises your data systems and provides a suitable data environment to strengthen and accelerate your decision-making processes, effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, you can find business insights and enhances business values at the right time in the right place. 

Our software DME has the following model components:

  • Data Import:

Comprehensible and user-friendly 1:1 interface for integrating different source systems and unknown data models

  • Data Cleansing:

Identification and determination of data format/type and unification of all import data

  • Data Normalization:

Data standardization and metadata exploitation from existing data pools and data models or systems

  • Rule Engine:

Business model transformations and implementation of sets of rules to identify various data issues and controls like data quality check

  • Transformation Engine:

Transformation of the data for the use in different processing/processor cores and possible further receiving systems

  • Interactive Report Engine:

It enables flexible, interactive drill-up and drill-down within the existing data and all integrated outputs.

  • Data Process Engine:

Modelling of data-driven processes with input of threshold value for managing system of rules

  • DM Console:

It uses a front-end web interface in order to work interactively with data or processes and for complete configuration of the DME.